Payment Terms


  • All orders for new customers are required to be paid in full. Orders will only be processed once proof of payment has been received by Ethitech or the payment reflects in our bank account.
  • In the event of a new customer selecting the Rent to Own purchasing option for a medical device, Ethitech will be authorized to process monthly debit orders as per the terms of the Rent to Own Contract, and order confirmation and processing will only take place once the first debit order has been successfully processed. All goods remain the property of Ethitech until paid in full. It should be noted that all consumables or test strips purchased is separate from the Rent to Own Contract for the medical device and must be paid in full before the order is confirmed and processed for delivery.
  • Customers who have qualified for an account with Ethitech are to ensure to settle the account in full within 30 days of the statement. Accounts that are overdue will be placed on hold preventing the account holder from ordering any new stock until settled in full.
  • A credit application is required for all customers who would like to apply for a 30-day account. All credit facilities shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the credit application, and Ethitech reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, vary or amend any credit facility granted to the applicant without prior notice.
  • Should you prefer to make a direct EFT bank deposit into our account, please ensure to enter your Invoice Number or Ethitech Account Name as a reference. You can email the proof of payment to accounts@ethitech.co.za

Minimum Order Quantity Payments

  • Ethitech is committed and willing to supply products that meet the needs of our customers. However, all quotations are subject to stock availability.
  • Quotations for stock items that are classified as slow-moving, or not regularly stocked in South Africa requires a commitment of a minimum order quantity and upfront payment of the minimum order quantity to secure the order.
  • Delivery time for such orders may vary between 4 – 6 weeks.

Delivery Terms

  • Our trading hours are weekdays between 8:30 to 16:30.
  • All orders must be submitted by 15:00 to qualify for next day delivery, which is subject to receipt of payment for new customers.
  • Orders on a Friday which necessitates a cold chain to be maintained will only be dispatched on a Monday morning.
  • Next day delivery is only available in main areas. Outlying areas may take up to 48 hours for delivery to take place.
  • Ethitech uses the services of reputable Wholesalers and Courier Services to ensure the timeous delivery of your order. However, unforeseen circumstance may cause delays. Should these circumstances arise, Ethitech will ensue its best efforts to get your order to you, however, we cannot be held liable for such delays.
  • Once a customer who is on a 30-day account, accepts and signs for the delivery of consumable stock, it becomes the property of the customer and the customer will be liable for the payment of the account.
  • Please provide extra delivery time over public and/or religious holidays.
  • Ensure that your delivery address is correct and that someone will be available to receive the order at all times.
  • A delivery note shall constitute prima facie proof that the goods were delivered to and received by the customer in good condition, whether signed by the customer, its employee or agent and upon the receipt and acceptance of consumable stock, it is the property of the customer who will be liable for full payment thereof.