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Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is synthesized and secreted by gonadotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland. The alpha subunits of LH, FSH, TSH, and hCG are identical, and contain 92 amino acids. FSH has a beta subunit of 118 amino acids (FSHB), which confers its specific biologic action and is responsible for interaction with the FSH-receptor. FSH regulates the development, growth, pubertal maturation, and reproductive processes of the body. FSH and Luteinizing hormone (LH) act synergistically in reproduction. The most common reason for high serum FSH concentration is in a female who is undergoing or has recently undergone menopause. High levels of FSH indicate that the normal restricting feedback from the gonad is absent, leading to an unrestricted pituitary FSH production. If high FSH levels occur during the reproductive years, it is abnormal. Conditions with high FSH levels include: Premature menopause also known as Premature Ovarian Failure, Poor ovarian reserve also known as Premature Ovarian Aging, Gonadal digenesis, Turner syndrome, Castration, Swyer syndrome, Certain forms of Congenital adrenal hyperplasia(CAH), Testicular failure. Most of these conditions are associated with subfertility and/or infertility. Therefore high FSH levels are an indication of subfertility and/or infertility.

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